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The Beginning!


Clan Within Destruction was made on October 6, 2007 by Stretch[wD] and Ducky[wD], They both knew each other in real life and both played the SC: Broodwar. Before that Ducky had background on making clans and knew how to run them. While Stretch never made a clan before but was up for the challenge! They both started recruiting experts from Warcraft III and Diablo II and SC: Broodwar. Members were coming in at a good rate but a lot of them stayed for short time period. One night Ducky[wD] was on around midnight and ran into this person called Trixie, He tried her out and she passed the test and joined. She was a very active and friendly gamer. One day Stretch[wD] called up Ducky[wD] and had to tell him he would have to leave the clan because he really need to focus more on his family and couldn’t handle a clan at the moment. Ducky[wD] was aware of what Stretch[wD] was going through and didn’t have a problem with that and had to find himself another Commander. He decided on Trixie[wD] due to her being on a lot and being good mannered to anyone.


Trixie's Era


Well Trixie[wD] was pleased to be a commander of wD and she helped out a lot by recruiting new members and getting them on the website and getting members active. Trixie[wD] and Ducky[wD] both talked and decided it would be great to make members by having a forum account so clan could bond together and make the clan stronger so people would know what’s going on more. Everything was going great new friendly people came into the clan and were being active on Battle.net and the clans website also. The member count got pretty high one time around 90 members but Trixie[wD] talked to Ducky[wD] and said they should stop recruiting members so everyone can get to know each other and make the clan stronger. The suggestion was better according to Ducky[wD] and he had no problem with that due to clans falling mainly because members don’t know each other and start problems with them. One day Ducky[wD] talked to Trixie[wD] telling him he would have to leave the clan for a couple months mainly due to life issues getting in the way and can't really help the clan. Here, Trixie[wD] got the clans chieftan and took control of the clan and she was able to talk to the clan host so he wouldn’t drop the website. After a Couple months flew by and Ducky[wD] returned to the clan and to find out the clan was still up everyone was fine, but he wanted to change some stuff to get the clan better. He contacted Trixie[wD] to give him his chieftan back and she did and he told her that there were a few things he wanted to change just to help out, When Trixie[wD] and Ducky[wD] talked about what to do, Ducky[wD] mainly had all the ideas for the clan but it seemed very odd to him because Trixie[wD] was upset at him for trying to change just a couple things and it really upset Ducky[wD], He mainly felt some of the generals she made didn’t fit the ranks because they didn’t care for the clan as much as they should and demoted them. She felt that something was wrong of him to do because while he was gone, they picked up a lot of slack but Ducky[wD] didn’t really see what they did because everywhere he looked the generals didn’t have the kindness as what generals should have. Ducky[wD] also told Trixie[wD] that there will be a new website coming because he felt it was time for the clan to have a website that fully worked well, and she agreed. Ducky[wD] contacted his friend Victor to get wD a new website and Victor really wanted to do it so after a week or two Victor finally got wDs new website fully functional and it looked awesome! Ducky[wD] and Trixie[wD] loved it also. Ducky[wD] did a lot of work on the new website and then got members back on there and added new features so it would help out wD more, but he did notice that the website didn’t really have some features it needed for the clan. Now Ducky[wD] had to change a couple rules so the site would go with the clan. One night a lot of clan members were on gaming and Ducky[wD] felt that he should tell members to come to the channel so he could tell them about the website so they will know what’s going on. Well Trixie[wD] and Crim[wD] were being so rude that they would not let Ducky[wD] talk and all he was trying to do was to get clan members to get the new website and its features. So Ducky[wD] told them both to stay silent because they were becoming rude. Both of them hated this and did not like that so they told Ducky[wD] he can have the clan and that no one will ever talk to them like that and really turned it on Ducky[wD] making him sound like a bad guy and it wasn’t his fault. All of them left really and pretty much everyone followed them due to lies.


wD Resurrection

Due to what happened to wD Ducky[wD] retired from Battle.net and wasn’t really into the game anymore and due to conditions, it was time to quit playing. He came back into the game 4 months after retiring and wanted to bring back wD stronger than ever and show people that wD will be one of the most powerful clans on Battle.net! He got a clan channel back and started up a new website it was really plain, but it worked for now. He started recruiting on Brood war players. One day he recruited this girl called BritishCandy, She was awesome playing Broodwar and she even got better in time due to her training with some Koreans. She became BritishCandy[wD] and due to her training, she ranked up very fast. She started recruiting and got wD skilled broodwar players. One of them was named Delete[wD], He was a awesome gamer and his skills were up to mark. Anyone that played him at the time lost to him and it was awesome. Ducky[wD] ignored Delete[wD] for some reason he thought he was very immature and didn’t care about wD like he thought he would. Well wD was going great it kept going on and getting really good Broodwar players. Also in time Trixie and a couple other old wD members would stop by and see how wD was going, Well one night Trixie and Ducky[wD] were on aim at the same time and trixie was bashing wD so harshly that Ducky[wD] got tired of it and said something. She mainly hit about BritishCandy[wD] and then Delete[wD] due to how disrespectful they were and they actually weren’t at all. Ducky[wD] ended up putting her in her place and that was when Ducky[wD] realized that Britishcandy[wD] and Delete[wD] would probably be the future of wD and he started liking them. Then he told them what happened, and they were happy that Ducky[wD] stood up for them and they helped out alot too. Everything was going pretty good and then school started and a lot of members disappeared because they wanted to take care of school more than gaming and that is perfectly fine, One of the members were Delete[wD], He and BritishCandy[wD] at the time were Co-Commanders and he hopped on to Battle.net only when he had time but we rarley saw him. While that was going on a couple of Diablo II people were recruited and they started bringing in alot more Diablo II players, One of the main Diablo II members that brought in alot of new members and helped out was Shadow[wD], He wanted to help out as much as he could, While the Diablo II section of wD was growing the broodwar division was falling, Members were leaving wD mainly because it was becoming a Diablo II clan and they wanted a Broodwar clan, One night a few members were on like BritishCandy[wD] and Shadow[wD], Ducky[wD] thought it would be great to talk about adding another Co-commander to the clan, BritishCandy[wD] felt that because Delete[wD] is rarley on we should demote him a rank or two and Ducky[wD] agree'd so he demoted Delete[wD] but told everyone that the new Co-commander that would take his spot would be Shadow[wD] due to his hard work toward the clan......BritishCandy[wD] did not like this one bit. She through a fit saying She can not stand Shadow[wD] and feels he isnt right for the job, Ducky[wD] wasn't happy about this and talked to her and told her that she was out of line and is acting very immature and she should apoligize to him and she said no and disabled herself form the clan and disappeared from wD.....Ducky[wD] was very shocked by this, He Gave Delete[wD] his Co-commander rank back but he shared it with Shadow[wD].


Shadow's Era


Shadow[wD] was very happy after having rank as Co-commander. He brought in a huge amount of Diablo II players and channel was always active with Diablo II players doing Baal runs and other Diablo II activity was happening within the clan, One thing that happened was that Ducky[wD] was starting to get pretty busy with life mainly due to the fact he was talking to a girl at the time and really put more time into her than Battle.net, He thought that is the way its suppose to be, While he was gone Shadow[wD] pretty much told all the members this is his clan and Delete[wD] and Ducky[wD] really don't do anything, Well whenever Ducky[wD] and Delete[wD] got on some members would BM them so they deserved to get banned and for some reason Shadow[wD] would get so mad that he would mouth off to Ducky[wD] saying he is wrong how he is treating members in the clan and just brought up huge lies for no reason at all, Ducky[wD] and Delete[wD] would always talk in private and discuss the way Shadow[wD] is doing things and we both thought he was trying to over take wD and we both knew in time something would happen either to wD or in wD but we both wanted to keep an eye out on Shadow[wD], Alot of wD members kept coming to Ducky[wD] saying that Delete[wD] is being very rude to Shadow[wD] and other members but Ducky[wD] really knew what was going on Delete[wD] didnt want Shadow[wD] thinking it was his clan and He acted like it was. For a while members were coming up to Ducky[wD] with problems in the clan and a lot of drama happened mainly because members were getting into fights with each other, A couple members left and Ducky[wD] saw them in another clan channel called Clan Ce but he just thought it was just a little clan so he didnt worry about it, One day Ducky[wD] got on and this member Crim[wD], Yes the Crim[wD] in the Trixie era is the same person, Crim[wD] told Ducky[wD] to go screw himself and she is leaving wD and Ducky[wD] really didnt care, Well a couple days have past and Ducky[wD] gets on and all of a sudden Shadow[wD] and a couple other members posted on the forum saying they are leaving the clan and everyone should join Shadow[wD]s new clan so Ducky[wD] pretty much banned them for doing that and then Shadow[wD] told everyone a lie saying Ducky[wD] banned him from wD for no reason and that wasn't the case at all, Ducky[wD] really knows what happened that day and a couple old members lied about it to make themselves look good, Shadow[wD] went and made clan Ce and pretty much stole all of wDs members. Only limited number of members stayed with wD and wanted to help Ducky[wD] and Delete[wD] out but Ducky[wD] didn't know what to do, He was still pretty shocked on what happened but at the same time he was happy because Shadow[wD] did really help him out removing all the drama away from the clan. So, he decided to close wD until he thought it was a good time to remake it better than ever!

wD Up and Running!


A few months had past since Shadow[wD] backstabbed wD and Ducky[wD] and Delete[wD] stayed in contact with each other and Ducky[wD] finally wanted to bring back wD but still didnt have a good amount of time for the clan mainly due to work because he was working alot, So they did end up bringing it back, They recruited a few members but stopped mainly because they both got busy but one member stayed with the clan, Therion[wD] he helped out whenever it was needed, Ducky[wD] decided to tryout wD on the east server if it would help out any and it really didnt help out at all it was the same people and no one really wanted to join at that time, Ducky[wD] and Delete[wD] both started talking to each other and both agreed that it would be best for wD to stay on west and they both would start recruiting, So Clan wD channel was up and running from Ducky[wD] friend 13aLer and Clan MoDx has allied wD and has really helped out the clan whenever they needed it, Delete[wD] really got to work on gaming and recruiting, New members have came into the clan and wD has never looked better, We are on Iccup now, we have great members that are loyal and good mannered and at the sametime everyone gets along, Ducky[wD] mainly works on the website and updated all stuff with his friends help him out whenever they get on, He also Runs the bots to keep up the channel 24/7 so members can still game at anytime in the channel, Delete[wD] stays up with the gaming side and Games with Members and still recruits when he decides to, All the members have really stepped up for wD and it has become one of the strongest gaming clans on Uswest today!


Changes in gaming


So Ducky began playing on console and put wD over Xbox and things were going well but having to control Xbox and Starcraft and Starcraft 2 was too much so Ducky decided to disband the clan all together. He did still game it just wasn’t like how he used to.


The new wD Era


So it is now April 17, 2020 and Ducky[wD] is no longer going by that name he grew out of it and changed his name to Trippyx87[wD]. He has stopped really playing other games and wanted to come back to Starcraft. Well with Starcraft Remastered up and having an OP Channel at Op {wD}@uswest and even made Clan wD on Starcraft II as well. He has reached out to his friend Rhonin and they plan on having wD on Warcraft 3 at channel Clan wD@Uswest. Trippyx87[wD] has brought the wD website back up and is planning on making wD once again a solid gaming clan as it was before. Trippyx87[wD] has decided to put wD on World of Warcraft. He started playing it and its a pretty enjoyable and fun game. Any former members that see this and still are gaming and want to be a part of wD once again please reach out to Trippyx87[wD] or you can sign up on the sign up page of the website.


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