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This page is for current members and former members that helped wD.

Ducky[wD] - Trippyx87[wD] - Thomas is one of the founding fathers of wD. He has stayed loyal to wD even when it wasn't around, He wanted to bring it back so many times but he is proud of the legacy and how wD has become a gaming clan.

Stretch[wD] - Founding Father of wD

Delete[wD] - Derek started from the bottom in wD and worked his way up to Commander. He was very good at Starcraft and he helped build wD into an active gaming clan.

Nasonix[wD] - Vince helped wD build our 2.0 website and we were the first clan to have clan scripts with forums all in one. He helped make our website a vocal point.

Therion[wD] - Alvin was very active in wD and helped recruit very good low money players. He was wD's best Co-commander and he is remembered for being a great role model for the clan.

Protoss[wD] - Protoss was another great addition to wD, He was a great gamer and got wD great members as well.

Medicine[wD] - Another great asset to wD, Medicine was always wanting to help wD in either recruiting, but what was awesome about medicine is that he was always trying to get tournaments either within the clan or public.

KilltheBeat[wD] - Brian was a great General of wD, He was always wanting to game and help in tournaments. He was known for bugging Trippyx87 and Delete if he beat them in 1vs1 that he should become co-commander of the clan. He has one great since of humor.

13aler(MoD) - Jimmy was always helpful to wD. Everytime we needed help if he could he would help us. Jimmy puts up a mean front but he is sweet like winnie the pooh



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